How to choose a service center for the repair of laptops?

Repair of laptops

In Minsk, there are more than a hundred service centers that offer services for the maintenance of computers, laptops and other equipment. And private masters even more. Of course, such an impressive choice has both advantages and disadvantages. After all, not in every service center you will get high quality services, solution of the problem in a short time (for example — how to fix a computer that wont turn on), adequate pricing and guarantee.

Situations when people are frankly «bred» for money, performing poor-quality repairs, or offering inflated prices for parts and services, are quite common. As a result of such «computer help» you lose time, money, and most importantly — valuable information.

How not to be disappointed, faced with scammers and non-professionals? How quickly to determine that before you — a conscientious company in which people work, who want to not only earn, but also help you solve problems? Simple and effective advice will help in this matter:

Tips for choosing a service center

Well-written contract. Service center
In the contract for the provision of services for the repair or maintenance of computer equipment, all the terms of cooperation between the contractor and the client must be clearly spelled out. You should understand that when you contact a service center, the material responsibility for your equipment is assigned to its specialists, so that in case of poor repair, you have the opportunity to demand compensation.

Data protection.
The service center, which takes care of its reputation, will do its utmost to preserve your personal data and will in advance discuss this matter with you. And scammers either remove them or use them for their own purposes, which will cause irreparable harm to you and your company.

The price of the issue.
Many unscrupulous companies attract customers with advertising and profitable shares. For example, you promise to quickly perform a complicated laptop repair for only 100 rubles. But in practice it turns out that the cost of work is 2-3 times higher. Therefore, before signing the contract, specify all the details — the list and duration of work, the cost of spare parts and the repair itself.

It is difficult to imagine a good service center, in which you will not be given a guarantee. But fraudsters are still there, so it is important to remember that the existence of the guarantee allows you to legally contact the company to carry out repairs to make a diagnosis technique again and fix the problem free of charge or receive compensation.